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Whether you are a new Registered Student Organization or a well establishing Registered Student Organization, promoting your organization is very important in attracting new members and continuing your organizations legacy on campus. Below are resources and information on how to promote your RSO such as campus resources for publicity, information on how to promote your org on campus, connections to various media outlets, as well as information on publicity in university housing.

Your RSO’s CalLink Page

Improving Your CalLink Page

  1. Posting a summary description about your RSO: Here’s how.
  2. Posting a full description about your RSO: Here’s how.
  3. Embed videos into your RSO’s CalLink page: Here’s how.
  4. Posting your RSO’s social media links: Here’s how.
  5. Post your RSO’s personal website: Here’s how.
  6. Add photos from your RSO to your CalLink Gallery: Here’s how.
  7. Add a profile picture: Here’s how.

Promote your RSO’s Event on CalLink

You can promote your Events by going to your CalLink page and clicking the blue Create Event Tab on the top right hand corner of the page. Here’s how. Posting your event on CalLink is free, easy, and reaches thousands of users across campus.

Campus Services for Publicity


Calapalooza is the University’s premier twice-a-year student activities fair. Participation by student groups involves representing your organization at an assigned table, where you can recruit members and build awareness about your group. Prior to Calapalooza, signatories and primary contacts for your RSO will be sent information about registering for a table.

Creative Lab

The Creative Lab is the Student Union print and design shop. They offer print and design services to anyone on campus and the community. The Creative Lab specializes in large format printing, as well as producing flyers, stickers, business cards, and more.

Digital Signage in the Student Union Buildings

There are 22 digital screens throughout the Student Union that rotate images all day. As an RSO, you are eligibile to advertise on the Student digital screens and catch the eye of students walking by for free!

Each student organization is allowed up to 5 advertisements per calendar year. For general advertisements, ads are ran for a total of 2 weeks (10 business days). If you’re promoting an event, it is recommended that you send the ad at least 3 weeks in advance so we can ensure that your ad is up and running for 2 full weeks prior to your event.

Website for Your RSO

RSOs are provided organizational pages on CalLink, but many choose to maintain their own sites. In order to create a website, your organization will need two things:

  1. A domain name
  2. Hosting

A benefit to being an RSO is that you’re eligible for a domain name. There are two ways to apply for a domain:

  1. Through the Open Computing Facility (OCF) The OCF also offers free hosting to student organizations, and they can help you install WordPress or other content management systems to help you more easily manage your website. Please note that they are NOT a web design service.
  2. By submitting an offsite hosting request. Please note that if you choose this option, you will have to purchase or provide hosting from a third party.

If your organization does not want, or is not eligible for, a domain name, you can purchase domain names (e.g. from third party vendors. Note: If you choose to do this, you may not use University Trademarked names as part of your domain (e.g. Cal, Berkeley, Oski, etc.) without permission from the Office of Business Contracts and Brand Protection. If you’re setting up a website for your RSO, please make sure you’re familiar with the Student Organization Domain Name Guidelines.

Physical Publicity on Campus

Chalking on Campus
• Recognized student organizations may chalk on classroom chalkboards if given approval by the professor using the classroom during that time. At the end of the approving professor’s time in the classroom, the chalking must be removed unless permission is given from the next professor utilizing the classroom. Chalking may only be made on safely reachable parts of the classroom chalkboard. Student organizations using chalkboards in classrooms during non-class times must erase the chalkboards when they vacate the premises.
• Chalking on sidewalks, roadways, buildings, and other natural features of the campus is viewed as defacement of campus property and is NOT permitted. Student organizations found chalking will be held responsible for its removal or they will be charged by the University for its cleanup. Note that spray chalk is very difficult and costly to remove, often requiring the use of high-pressured cleaning equipment.

Flyers, Posters, and Signs  on Campus

Flyers and other forms of announcement CAN be posted on public bulletin boards and kiosks and departmental boards (with permission of the managing department) and in accordance with the rules of the campus.

FLYERING POLICY: Taping/tacking flyers on any surfaces in any campus buildings, other than pre-approved billboards, is prohibited. Campus is aware that indiscriminate flyering happens all around campus so it might seem like it is allowed, but please know that when groups post flyers on ANY walls, chairs, doors, etc., groups are subject to being required to take immediate action to remove the flyers or risk being charged for the extra custodial work required to take them down

Flyers CANNOT be placed on or against, attached to, or written on any University structure or natural feature of the campus. University structures and natural features include, but are not limited to, the backs of chairs, sides of doors or buildings, windows, surface of walkways or roads, Sather Gate, fountains, posts, waste receptacles, trees, or stakes in lawns.

Additional Considerations:
• The content of all flyers must be non-commercial.
• Anyone may personally distribute non-commercial announcements in any outdoor area of the campus consistent with the orderly conduct of University affairs, the maintenance of University property, and the free flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
• Efforts must be made to avoid litter.
• All materials must clearly indicate the name of the registered student organization(s.)
• Special posting regulations for Wheeler Hall – Flyer posting is limited to 1 flyer per public bulletin board per entity. Flyers cannot exceed 8 1/2” x 11” in size. No flyers shall be posted in classrooms, bathrooms, doors, windows, hallways, and all other surfaces.

Signboards on Campus

Registered student organizations are eligible to place signboards on Sather Gate Bridge to advertise their organization’s activities. An organization may only have one signboard placed on the bridge at a time.

Signatories will be emailed at the beginning of each semester with the specific date and times of signboard signups. Signboard spaces on Sather Gate Bridge are available on a first-come, firstserved basis. A signatory from the registered student organization must bring the signboard to Event Services for approval prior to placement on the bridge. Signboards that do not meet the criteria outlined below will not be approved for placement.

• Signboards may be up to 36” tall and 22” wide. Refer to the Signboard Blueprint for general
construction guidelines.
• All organizations receiving a confirmed space for their signboard will be assigned a location by Event Services. Signboards may be placed on the 12 portions of the bridge that contain balustrades.
• No signboard may be placed South of Sather Gate.
• To allow for routine cleaning, signboards must be elevated at least 4” above the bridge surface, which can be obtained by attaching a piece of wood to the back of the signboard, which will rest the signboard on the bridge footing. Signboards must be firmly attached to the balustrades with plastic-coated chains or other nonabrasive fasteners.
• Each registered student organization must submit a duplicate key or combination code to their lock to Event Services prior to placing their signboard on the bridge.
• Organizations must remove signboards, chains, and locks by the last day of instruction of each semester. Signboards left on the bridge during the break are subject to removal. Event Services is not responsible for signs that are removed. Should it be necessary to make repairs to the bridge during periods of signboard placement, Event Services will contact affected organizations to remove their signboards.
• Signboards that are not in compliance with the signboard guidelines and approval procedures will be removed. Violation of the signboard policy can result in removal of the signboard, a $25.00 removal fee, and the loss of future signboard privileges.

Tabling on Campus

RSOs are eligible to checkout tables and folding chairs through the Student Tabling Program run by Event Services at the ASUC Student Union. 

Checkout Location: The Cub-E on Upper Sproul behind the Golden Bear Cafe
Hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Equipment: 75 tables, 150 chairs, and AV equipment are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Your Cal ID card is required for checkout!

On-Campus Tabling Locations:
  • Upper Sproul Plaza
    • No tabling on the Mario Savio Steps or the red brick area directly in front of the steps (this is a fire lane)
    • No tabling at Sather Gate without a reservation with Event Services
  • North Gate
  • Tolman Hall Breezeway
  • Between Kroeber Hall and Boalt Law School

• Tabling and display materials may not block any entrance or walkways, or otherwise restrict the free flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic.
• No display materials may be placed on or against, or attached to any structure or natural feature of the campus. Structures and natural features include the sides of door or buildings, fountains, posts, waste receptacles, trees, or stakes.
• Tables or other display materials must be staffed at all times by a member of the registered student organization.
• The name of the sponsoring organization must be displayed on each table or item on display.
• Tables may be no larger than 3’ by 6’ and no poster may extend beyond the sides of or more than 1 foot above the table, unless prior authorization has been granted by Organization Advising & Student Involvement Services (OASIS).
• Any other display materials must be behind and within 3 feet of the table. Displays may not extend more than 7’ high nor 3’ wide.
• No commercial activity is allowed on Upper Sproul
• Amplified sound is only available from 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Media Publicity

KALX Promotion

Registered Student Organizations may promote their events and activities on KALX 90.7 FM, UC Berkeley’s student & community radio station.

Fall Semester PSA Blitz
Every Fall for the first two weeks of classes KALX Radio conducts a “PSA Blitz.” A PSA is a Public Service Announcement, and generally, KALX runs two of these every hour, 24 hours a day. During the blitz, PSAs are exclusively for campus and student organizations.

If your organization wants to be included, send an email with the subject title “Blitz PSA/Your Group Name” to that
includes the following information:
• Name of organization
• Website (if applicable)
• Contact name and phone number
• Short description of your organization
• Information on how people can get involved (recruiting events, etc.)
• If you already have a PSA script (100 words or less) in mind, include that in your email.
• PSAs are generally due the first week of August. Please contact KALX for this year’s date.


General Public Service Announcements
General PSAs are also read throughout the year on behalf of campus and student organizations.

• Keep the script short and give KALX at least four weeks advance notice.
• At a minimum, provide the following information:

  1. Organization name
  2. Contact name and information (this will be released to the public)
  3. Information for the PSA (2-3 sentences about your organization, including types of services and the best way for KALX listeners to get involved or utilize your service (date, time, location, etc.)

• Email the text of your PSA to

Media Advertising

Student organizations can pay to advertise in various campus media outlets, including:
• BARE Magazine
• Caliber Magazine
• CalTV
• The Daily Californian
Please contact individual organizations for prices and publication schedules.

Social Media

Social media platforms are another way that RSOs promote their orgs. RSOs have been known to have their own Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, LinkedIn profiles, ect. They are a great way for students and RSO to network and meet new and current members!

Publicity in University Housing

Flyering in Residence Halls

Only 8.5”x11” flyers will be accepted. This process generally takes 2-3 weeks from the date that
materials are submitted. The process is:
• Registered student organization should email their flyer sample to
• Someone will respond with questions, approval or denial.
• Groups will be informed of the number of flyers that need to be delivered to the third floor of 2610 Channing Way.
• Residential & Housing Services staff will place the flyers in the Resident Director mailboxes and then Resident Directors will give them to Resident Assistants to post.

Residence Hall Assembly

Groups are permitted to make announcements at the beginning of the weekly RHA Meeting
(7pm, Mondays, L-21 Christian Hall at Unit 1). To be placed on the agenda, the President should be e-mailed: (NOTE: this is not a process to have RHA Representatives post flyers in the halls; the Reps will be able to make announcements at upcoming Hall Association meetings in each community; you may bring 1-2 flyers per Rep so that they have the information to share – there are approximately 50 Representatives).

If you have specific ideas or other options that you would like to propose, requests should be sent to the Office of Student Development at or the Residence Hall Association at

Publicity in Dining Halls

Tabling in Cal Dining Facilities

RSOs are welcome to table inside campus Dining Halls. To do so:
• Please request 3-5 days in advance via email: Please identify as an RSO in the email, along with with the date, time, and location you are requesting.
• No materials or persons can interfere with services and operations. Walkways must always remain clear.
• Check in at the cashier’s podium with the cashier or manager upon entry to set up.
• Approved tabling does not include a meal in the dining halls.