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The ASUC and GA are involved in a number of projects and programs that benefit the student body, many of which go beyond just student group funding or spaces for student group usage/storage. Due to its mission to serve students and broaden the depth and breadth of the student experience, ASUC is involved with a number of different commissions, committees, and other opportunities across the UC Berkeley campus that allow students to not only collaborate with other student communities, but also staff, faculty, and high-level administrative officials on a number of different initiatives.

If you are seeking to ways to get your voice heard on a number of different academic committees that influence academic policy or on a committee that impacts the student experience, or want to help plan an event to a segment of the community that is underserved, or even want to start your own initiative with the help of your student government, the ASUC is the place for you to get support, advice, and funding, to make things happen.

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