What? When? Where?
Calapalooza is the University’s premier twice-a-year student activities fair. Participation by student groups involves representing your organization at an assigned table, where you can recruit members and build awareness about your group.

Spring 2020 Calapalooza will take place on Thursday, Jan 30th from 11am to 2pm (as part of the Student Union Open House). The event will be held in Pauley Ballroom, featuring 250+ student organizations!

Check out table assignments and locations here.

Recognized fraternities, sororities, councils, registered student organizations, sponsored student organizations and student government groups are able to table at Calapalooza. No Rec sports clubs, sports teams or other non-LEAD Center recognized groups (which includes new organizations as they will not be recognized by the LEAD Center at the time of Calapalooza) are eligible to table. LEAD Center recognized Graduate and Professional organizations may table at Calapalooza.

To participate as a student interested in learning more about involvement opportunities on campus, just come during the event hours!  

When registration opens, information will be sent to your organization’s primary contact. Please make sure your roster is updated on CalLink to receive all communications regarding Calapalooza.

Registration and waitlist
Space is limited to 250 groups. Before capacity or deadline has been reached, submission of the tabling request form will yield an automated confirmation message. Student organizations MUST be present at their table by starting time to avoid forfeiting their table.  Please communicate with your membership about who is submitting this form to avoid duplicate submissions.

After registration capacity has been reached, students who submit the tabling request form will receive an automated confirmation that they have been added to the waitlist. Getting a table off the waitlist is first come, first serve, based on who is physically present at the Calapalooza Information Desk by starting time. If your group is not able to get off the waitlist, passing out information fliers to students walking around the tables is possible.

Table assignments in advance
The LEAD Center will contact the primary contact of organizations who have a table for Spring 2020 Calapalooza. Please communicate with your group’s members to have someone checking in on time, or forfeit your table (you may begin setting up as soon as you check-in). If your organization is no longer able to table at Calapalooza, please email

Info desk/check-in table
An information desk will be available for staff to answer students’ questions at Calapalooza and to coordinate the waitlist; there will be no registration desk. Instead, look out for LEAD Center staff, who will check in organizations at their assigned tables as they set up. 

The LEAD Center table will serve as an information desk, with staff to answer students’ questions at Calapalooza and the LEAD Center. 

TOP 10 Participation Expectations

  1. Every student group WILL SHARE A TABLE with another student group, for a total of two (2) groups per table
  2. No chairs will be provided.
  3. To avoid forfeiting placement, a member of the group must be setting up on time.
  4. Groups cannot switch/change table locations, as space is limited and table assignments are published for student attendees to find your organization.
  5. Each organization can have a maximum of two participants at their half of the shared table during the event
  6. If you are distributing food or drinks, you MUST bring a copy of the food permit you obtained through the Environmental Health and Safety Office at
  7. Any fundraising requires the completion of a fundraising certification through the LEAD Center; see
  8. No amplified sound allowed – this includes individual boom boxes, musical instruments, and megaphones
  9. Displays must not exceed 3’ x 6’
  10. Only recognized fraternities, sororities, councils, registered student organizations, sponsored student organizations and student government groups, and are permitted to participate in Calapalooza


  1. Make your table stand out. A visually appealing sign (3’x6’ max) that clearly states your group’s name and meaningful giveaways can go a long way.  (Note that food or drink distribution requires a permit through EH&S).

  2. All people (2 max per group) at your table should know and be able to share a 1-sentence description or a 30 second elevator pitch to describe your group.  Rehearse this in advance.

  3. Be sure to coordinate tabling times with members of your organization, so as not to have all of the responsibility fall upon 1-2 people.

  4. Invite interested students to join your group’s social media while they are still at your table and/or follow-up via email within 24 hours.

  5. Wear something recognizable or related to your group while tabling.

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  6. Share your next calendared program or event, including the date with any interested students.  Having a next step – something for them to do – will help retain their interest.

If you have questions, please contact the LEAD Center at (510) 642-5171 or