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Explore the following resources to help student groups during this virtual environment.

CalLink Info:
Corq app – download it today
CalLink checklist – Is your org’s CalLink page updated? Are you sharing as much as you can about your org?

Recruitment Resources:
Recruitment Resources from Phired Up

Meeting Resources:
Holding Virtual Meetings, Tips, Tricks, and Resources

Event Resources:
Ideas for Virtual Events and Activities
Holding Virtual Events – A Primer
How to Host a Cocktail Party on Zoom (and have better classes, conferences and meetings, too) – great article that includes directions on how you can create a gathering where people are able to fluidly move in and out of small groups in zoom just like they would be able to at an in-person event.  (From an article on Medium.)
Forget Zoom Happy Hours. Here are 4 livelier ways to socialize remotely – great article with 4 ideas that can create a more engaging experience than just meeting over Zoom. (From an article on Fast Company.)
Presence Free Engagement Options

Technology Resources:
Navigating Zoom
Technology Tools
Check out some additional Zoom focused resources on the Student Union Event Service page
Check out some additional Technology Tools from the Public Service Center

Building Community in a Virtual Environment:
Creating a Healthy Virtual Environment Toolkit

Health and Wellness Resources:
Health & Wellness in a Virtual Environment

Organizational Operation Resources:
What can your organization do during a virtual semester? 

For CalGreeks:
Resources and Ideas for Virtual Chapter Management
Virtual Recruitment Strategies
Recruiting in a Pandemic: Questions to Consider