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Finances and Fundraising

CalLink Finance Training
CalLink Finance Agent Training bCourse – training required to manage student group finances, complete the training to be assigned the Agent position for your organization. 
Most Common CalLink Purchase Request Issues and How to Resolve Them

These finance forms are located on slide 72 of the CalLink Finance Training and available through the ASUC Financial Services Linktree:

1. CalLink Finance Lost/Missing Receipts Form (a PDF)
2. CalLink Finance Payment Voucher (a PDF) – this voucher covers stipend, contracted services, award, grant, & donation payments.
3. Substitute W-9– a W-9 is needed from all US Citizens and US Resident Aliens receiving payment.
4. W-8BEN – a W-8BEN is needed from all Foreign and Undocumented individuals receiving payment.
5. Direct Deposit Authorization Form – fill out this form to authorize, change, or cancel direct deposit payments; must have a domestic UC account for direct deposit.
6. CalLink Finance Deposit Receipt Form (please download this fillable PDF) – use this form to prepare a deposit of cash or check into your organization’s CalLink accounts; cash deposits must occur in person, check deposits can occur in person or by mail.
Non-profit Tax ID Request Form – use this form to request the use of the ASUC non-profit tax id. Please email if action is REQUIRED before the link reopens.



Use of UC Berkeley Trademarks & Licensees for Student Group Use

Guidelines for Use of the UC Berkeley Logo
Licensees for Student Group Use – must order any merchandise that includes the word Berkeley, Cal, California, or any University trademark from one of these companies
University of California, Berkeley Use of Name and Trademarks


Creative Lab provides design and print services to Student Organizations and the entire campus community. All work is done at-cost for RSO’s. No need for money to exchange hands, we can charge your RSO directly. need a flyer, banner, or poster? Work with Creative Lab!

Student Union Digital Signage Program We have 22 digital screens located throughout the Student Union that rotate advertisements 24-7. Advertise on our digital screens to catch the eye of the approximately 14,000 people who access the Student Union each day. RSOs are allowed up to 5 free advertisements per calendar year. If you’re promoting an event, we recommend that you send the ad to us at least 3 weeks in advance so we can ensure that your ad is up and running for 2 full weeks prior to your event.