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Panhellenic (PHC) Recruitment Information

The Panhellenic Council is the governing body for 13 sorority chapters on campus. Twelve chapters are associated with the National Panhellenic Conference, or NPC.

Recruitment is the process by which active chapter members meet potential new members who are commonly referred as PNMs. PNMs have the opportunity to learn more about the chapters, their philanthropies and what fraternity and sorority life entails.

Fall & Spring Recruitment
Fall Recruitment is very structured, organized entirely by the Panhellenic Council, and all thirteen NPC chapters participate. Through a mutual-selection process, potential new members have the opportunity to meet active chapter members and visit all thirteen chapter houses. As the week progresses, both PNMs and chapters will narrow their choices. At the end of the week, bids are extended.  Fall Primary Recruitment happens in 2023 from 8/23 through 8/29 – registration is required and you must be signed up before 5 pm on August 23.

Spring recruitment is very informal. Only certain chapters are eligible to participate and each chapter organizes spring recruitment events independently.

If you are interested in receiving information about recruitment, please fill out this form for more information.  Or, sign-up directly for Fall Primary Recruitment 2023.

PHC Recruitment FAQs

What is Fall Primary Recruitment?

Fall Primary Recruitment is the mutual selection process through which potential new members (PNMs) meet active members of sorority chapters. Over four days, PNMs will visit all thirteen NPC chapters and have the opportunity to find out what the Panhellenic experience is all about at UC Berkeley. As the week progresses, both the chapters and the potential new members narrow down their selections. On the final day of recruitment, after a mutual bid-matching process, PNMs receive an invitation to join a chapter.

How do you balance academics and sorority life?

Academics are a top priority for all our chapters. Members often balance working, research, other clubs and their membership. In fact, the All-Greek GPA is typically higher than the All-Campus average! Click here to CalGreeks Academic Reports >

When is recruitment?

Formal Recruitment is held each fall during the first week of classes. Informal spring recruitment is held within the first few weeks of the spring semester.

How can I sign up for Fall Formal recruitment?

You can find information and register for Fall Formal recruitment on UC Berkeley Panhellenic Council’s website.

How many Women go through recruitment each year?

Approximately 800 to 1,000 Women participate in Fall Primary Recruitment.

What if I have class during Recruitment?

While we try to schedule recruitment events in the evening on school nights, we understand that some students may have class conflicts. As part of the Fall Primary Recruitment process, you can report class conflicts. Chapters will be notified which PNMs have class conflicts.

How much of a time commitment is being in a sorority?

Participating in a Greek-letter organization is like participating in any co-curricular activity; it requires a time investment. Students in the CalGreeks Community have the opportunity for a well-rounded college experience that involves academic work and campus involvement, as well as social events. As they say, you get out of a sorority what you put into it. You can choose your level of involvement, whether you decide to be a member or the President.

What kinds of philanthropy events are you involved in?

Each chapter holds one or more philanthropy events per semester. Each chapter has their own philanthropy. Most philanthropy events involve the community, so each chapter’s members often attend other chapter’s events.

​Do chapters haze?

The national organizations, the University of California, Berkeley, Panhellenic Council and state law prohibit any action taken, or any situation created, whether on or off sorority premises, that may produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule. Hazing is forbidden and will not be tolerated at UC Berkeley.

What are the Financial Requirements?

Joining a Greek organization does entail a financial commitment, but it is important to compare this commitment to the costs of housing, food, and entertainment for the average Cal student living in the residence halls. Students can get a sense of the costs involved here.

Am I required to live in the sorority house my first year?

Not the first year that you join as you are probably living in the res halls or living in an off-campus apartment/house already. Many of the sororities require their members to live in (as sophomores, juniors, and possibly even as seniors) so make sure you ask about the housing requirements. And, if you do, it’s a great place to live with beautiful facilities! It can be an economically sound option, as living in the Bay Area is very expensive. Many chapters have a chef/meal plan, maintenance workers, and/or housekeepers. Chapter houses vary in size and in the number of women who live in. Most chapters have a House Director who ensures that the house is running smoothly and that house rules are being followed.