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Multi-Cultural Greek Council (MCGC) Recruitment Information

The Multi-Cultural Greek Council at the University of California, Berkeley was founded on February 2007 in order to better meet our individual needs, voice our concerns, and promote the greater good of our community. As culturally based organizations, we strive to promote and uplift our common heritages and history. As a council, we shall uphold our commitment to service, scholarship, and the values of sisterhood and brotherhood.

Each individual sorority/fraternity has their own unique membership intake process. Please sign up here for more information and contact the chapter directly.

MCGC Recruitment FAQs

Do MCGC chapters participate in community service?

Most chapters participate in projects hosted by the UC Berkeley community or create their own community service projects. Some even host at least one community service event per month. Academics are TOP priority for all our chapters.

Is it hard to maintain academics while in an MCGC chapter?

Academics are a priority for all our chapters. Members often balance working, research, other clubs and their membership. In fact, the All-Greek GPA is typically higher than the All-Campus average!

Is being a member costly?

Each chapter has a different set of costs associated with membership. You should contact the organizations you are interested in to get a breakdown of costs.

I am interested in starting a new organization and be part of MCGC. What is the process like?

1) Contact the MCGC Advisor and the MCGC President and ask about expansion guidelines.

2) Seek admittance to only MCGC during the application process.

Please note:

  • The interest group on campus (if any) must not be a registered group on campus.
  • The interest group on campus (if any) must not flyer or promote any events, meetings, etc. using any UC Berkeley or CalGreeks trademarks and logos.
  • The interest group (if any) shall not hold any events or meetings on campus until recognized by the council.