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Berkeley Student Leadership Academy

Leaders influence others to follow, through vision, direction, inspiration, management and more.

Whether you feel like a natural leader or leadership skills are something you want to advance further, the Berkeley Student Leadership Academy can help you discover your own abilities while exploring various components of holistic leadership development. 

Applications for the AY 2024-2025 cohort will open in Fall 2024 (likely September 2024, specific date TBD). If you would like more details when application information is available, please fill out the Interest Form below!    

BSLA Academic Year 2024-2025 Interest Form 


What is the Berkeley Student Leadership Academy? 

The Berkeley Student Leadership Academy is a series of engaging workshops and customized experiences that help undergraduate students develop leadership competencies. The workshops relate to leadership, engagement, and diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) on campus. 

Registered participants will receive information about Berkeley Student Leadership Academy workshop series, specialized content, and access to mentorship and networking opportunities.


Students who complete a minimum of seven workshops (in one academic year) and finish final requirements will receive a certificate at the Oski Leadership Awards Ceremony in April.

Completing the Berkeley Student Leadership Academy prepares students to:

  • Connect leadership experiences and learning, on campus and beyond
  • Engage in conversations and enhanced learning pertaining to leadership, communication, conflict resolution and feedback, and DEIB within the campus community.
  • Use self-reflection to explore values, strengths and areas of growth related to leadership development

How To Participate

  • Apply for the AY 2024-2025 Berkeley Student Leadership Academy cohort in Fall 2024 (date TBD). Space is limited!
    • Sign up using your UC Berkeley student email address.
    • Receive information about the Academy’s workshop series, access to specialized content, and gain access to mentorship and networking opportunities. Participants will be added to the Academy’s e-newsletter listserv with program information and access to bCourses page. 
  • Attend workshops. Earn certificate. Attend celebratory event!
    • Complete a minimum of seven workshops by March 2025. (Four are required. You select the remaining three topics.) 
    • Complete reflection requirements to receive a certificate of leadership presented at the Oski Student Leadership Awards Ceremony at end of the academic year.

Important Dates

Berkeley Student Leadership Academy Optional Virtual Informational Sessions* Must RSVP via this RSVP Form Link at least 1 hour before Information Session via the form linked by each Information Session date. Information Sessions will be held via the Zoom platform. Zoom link will be shared day of the Information Session via bcal to those who RSVP by the applicable timelines. Information Sessions are optional, attendance is not required in order to register for the program – but highly recommended!

  • Information Sessions will be scheduled in Fall 2024. 

Berkeley Student Leadership Academy Registration Closes. 

  • Fall 2024 Date TBD.

Fall 2024 Kick-Off Session 

  • Date TBD (details shared with registered participants) 

Workshop Topics

Participants attend a minimum of (7) workshops [4 required workshops, 3 workshops of choice] and complete reflection requirements during one academic year. Participants can take workshops in both fall and spring semesters to complete the requirements. Workshop information is outlined below. Registered participants will receive information about each workshop, how to RSVP, and access to specialized content. 

Four Required Workshops – Workshop Information Outlined Below is for Reference from Spring 2024

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging (DEIB) & Leadership (1 workshop in this topic required within one academic year)

Centering Values When Responding to Bias

Working with QTBIPOC Students 

Language Diversity & Critical Sociolinguistic Perspectives

Leadership Frameworks (1 workshop in this topic required within one academic year)

Leadership Styles & Colors 

Leadership Frameworks & Styles

Communication (1 workshop in this topic required within one academic year)

Effective Communication

Navigating Difficult Conversations

Communication Skills & Public Speaking 

Conflict Resolution & Feedback (1 workshop in this topic required within one academic year)

Conflict Resolution & Feedback Styles 

Communication/Consent and Boundaries

Group Dynamics & Hazing Prevention

Additional Workshops (3 of choice required during one academic year) – Current Spring 2024 Workshops

Advocacy Resilience 

Conquering Imposter Syndrome: Empowering Student Leaders

Social Norms: Misperceiving the Positive / Social Norms Seed Grant Initiative

How to Tell/Use Stories Effectively

Time Management & Organization

Pathways Towards Social Change 

SMART Goal Setting: Making Good Choices – A Blueprint for Your Life 



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