Forms & Documents

Forms & Documents

Constitution Template
Signatory Certification Agreement for registration during 2017-18 academic year only
Agent Certification Quiz
2017-2018 Display and Fundraising Permit Form
Add a Signatory
Deposit Receipt
Nonprofit Tax ID Request Form/Invoice Request Form
Student Org Domain Name Guidelines
ASUC Finance Committee Waiver Forms
Award, Prize, and Scholarship Form
Stipend/Contracted Services Agreement Form
bridges/RRC Car Rental Request Form
bridges/RRC Gas Card Request Form
Student Driver Guide

Campus Links

CalLink (Campus Activities)
Guidelines for Use of the UC Berkeley Logo
Ordering UC Berkeley Logoed Merchandise

Event Planning

Major Events Hosted by Non-Departmental Users (Interim – Effective Aug 14, 2017)
Event Registration Form
Dance Policy
Dance Worksheet
Alcoholic Beverages on Campus Policy
EH&S Special Event Temporary Food Permit
Event Planning Guides for RSOs
Classroom Reservations
Event Services/MLK/Outdoor Spaces

Risk Management

Survivor Support
Resources & Support for Trauma, Tragedies, and Loss
Campus Connexions Insurance

Risk Services
Minors on Campus
Waiver Templates
Report Conduct Violation
Report of Vehicle Accident
Hazing (Matt’s Law)
Bystander Intervention Handout


Berkeley Campus Regulations Implementing University Policies
UC Berkeley Code of Conduct
Report Conduct Violation
Hazing (Matt’s Law)
Nondiscrimination Policies
Policy on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence
Berkeley Campus Policy Governing the Promotion of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Products on the Campus and at Campus Sponsored Events
Berkeley Campus Policy Governing Student Dances
Time, Place, and Manner on Campus
Campus Online Activities Policy
University of California, Berkeley Use of Name and Trademarks
Principles of Community
Risk Management Policy

A full list of campus policies and procedures can be found here:
A list of policies and procedures that specifically apply to students can be found here: