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LEAD Center Vision

“Every student will positively impact the world by engaging in lifelong leadership.”

LEAD Center Mission

The LEAD Center supports student-centered learning and development by cultivating student leadership. We advise and empower individuals, student organizations, student government, and various other campus communities to enhance the co-curricular experience at UC Berkeley.

Our Focus:

  1. We promote student development and learning by encouraging a healthy balance of co-curricular involvement and engagement.
  2. We promote and encourage leadership development and the establishment of a well-rounded leadership identity.
  3. Through our advising and services, we provide resources and support that assist students to flourish within their involvement experience.

LEAD Center Slogan

“Define Your Story. Discover Yourself.”

LEAD Center Values

Inclusion & Equity | Sustainability | Excellence | Community | Growth | Empowerment

Inclusion & Equity: We engage in a transformative exploration of self to develop a holistic and unique sense of identity, recognizing that the intersectionality of identities are a means to intellectual and personal development. These values not only inform the ways in which we communicate and collaborate with students, each other, and the greater campus community – they are foundational in fostering a diverse campus community.

Sustainability: We realize and practice sustainability through the intersection of equity, environment, and economy, and the continual process of renewal, restoration, and resilience that exists within a healthy organization. By recognizing and engaging in these intersections, we grow a sustainable organization and nurture communities who implement social change.

Excellence: We believe excellence is exhibited through courageous, creative, and innovative behaviors and actions. By modeling consistency, accountability, and passion to the student communities we serve, we achieve organizational growth and foster personal transformation. We encourage student leaders to go beyond what is expected of them by providing the support and resources that are necessary to achieve excellence.

Community: We believe community is built through connections founded on a common purpose. Our relationships with each other, campus partners and students are grounded in authentic interactions that demonstrate trust and mutual respect for the individual. We demonstrate a culture of care by participating and investing in each other.

Growth: Thoughtful behaviors are foundational to nurture and sustain growth, rooted in learning and engagement. To create a sustained environment for growth, we recognize the importance of reflection, assessment, personal and departmental strengths in nurturing our students and staff to flourish.

Empowerment: We believe empowerment is creating the spaces where we have the opportunities to thrive and reach our full potential. By cultivating an environment where creativity and agency are supported students and staff partner in decision making, allowing for learning, discourse and dialogue.

Leadership Definition

As the LEAD Center team we believe “Leadership is the continuous process of building authentic relationships, collectively taking bold action, and practicing intentional reflection to create positive change.”

Why Get Involved?

The LEAD Center encourages student involvement and engagement because it has proven to be beneficial as students matriculate throughout their collegiate experience. Benefits of involvement:

  1. Students who get involved and engaged are more likely to be satisfied with their Cal experience and persist to graduation.
  2. Getting involved makes a student population of 35,000 seem much smaller and more manageable.
  3. College can get somewhat boring without meeting new people and creating new experiences!
  4. Getting involved provides you a sense of connection to the campus and your fellow peers.
  5. Getting involved outside of the classroom allows you to incorporate the information you learn into practice.
  6. Students who get involved learn how to navigate Cal and interact with individuals from different backgrounds.
  7. Students who get involved make a difference and have a greater experience.
  8. Students who don’t get involved until they are close to graduating regret they didn’t do it sooner.
  9. Students who get involved learn important life skills and grow in ways that they weren’t expecting.
  10. Employers want to hire people who know how to work with others. Getting involved on campus provides you with that great opportunity.

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