GA Projects

Graduate Assembly

The mission of the Graduate Assembly is to improve the lives of University of California, Berkeley graduate students and to foster a vibrant, inclusive graduate student community.  The Graduate Assembly is the official representative body of the graduate and professional students at the University of California, Berkeley.

Graduate Minority Outreach, Recruitment, and Retention

Graduate Minority Outreach, Recruitment, and Retention Project engages directly with underrepresented minority graduate and professional school students across all departments, focusing on issues of admission, retention, and matriculation. They provide direct outreach to undergraduate students through the Getting into Graduate School Program (GiGS) which is dedicated to assisting first-generation or historically underrepresented students pursue a graduate education.

Graduate Minority Student Project

The Graduate Minority Students Project advocates for underrepresented graduate students in all aspects of academic life, monitoring all affirmative action policies and procedures as they affect underrepresented students. GMSP also provides direct services to underrepresented graduate students through social receptions, lectures, workshops and educational forums.

Graduate Social Club

Graduate Social Club’s purpose is to facilitate social interactions between graduate students from all departments on campus and thereby establish an environment at UC Berkeley that embodies open-mindedness, professional collaboration, mutual support, camaraderie, and friendship. The GSC hosts one large event each semester as well as monthly mixers, game nights, and other social events.

Graduate Student Parent Advocacy

The Graduate Student Parent Advocacy Project Coordinator advocates for student parents and develops programs to support their academic and personal success. Additionally, the GSPA provides feedback across all Graduate Assembly committees to ensure responsive standing guidelines, such as ensuring meetings and events are held at reasonable hours, are family-friendly, and that safe, reliable childcare is made available.

Graduate Student Wellness Project

The Graduate Support Wellness Project seeks to address issues that can affect the well-being of all graduate students within the campus community, including issues of comprehensive health, mental health, and wellness services; and any issue that affects graduate students across departments.

Graduate Women's Project

The Graduate Women’s Project is the only program at UC Berkeley devoted solely to addressing the personal, social, and academic needs of graduate women. The GWP serves to connect graduate women to the support systems available on campus and advocate on their behalf at the campus and community level. While the project primarily works on women’s issues and interests, it also seeks to address the intersecting concerns for women, including racial and ethnic justice; class inequality; disability and access issues; as well as queer, trans, and gender non-conforming expression, etc.

Queer and Transgender Advocacy Project

The Queer and Transgender Advocacy Project seeks to improve the lives and experiences of queer and transgender graduate students at UC Berkeley. QTAP works closely with other GA projects to initiate outreach targeting graduate LGBTQ students at UC Berkeley. Additionally, this coordinator serves as an advocate for LGBTQ graduate students, addressing specific needs and concerns of the community to ensure their success in higher education and beyond.

The Berkeley Graduate

The Berkeley Graduate is an electronic publication published by the Graduate Assembly to serve graduate and professional students. The goal of this project is to inform and inspire students by connecting them with the campus-wide community and the work, activities, and issues important to graduate students.

Women of Color Initiative

The Women of Color Initiative advocates for and organizes programming for graduate women of color with the objective of fostering community and belonging at UC Berkeley. In particular, the Empowering Women of Color Conference (EWOCC) is part of the annual WOCI portfolio. EWOCC aims to strengthen networks among individuals who identify as women of color and seeks to embrace folks of diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds, generations, sexual orientations, nationality, and physical abilities both in and outside of the academy.