ASUC Chartered Programs

Associated Students of the University of California

The Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC) is the officially recognized student association at the University of California, Berkeley.  The ASUC is an independent 501(c)3 non profit organization separate from University governance.  In addition to controlling funding for student clubs and organizations, providing resources and student programming, overseeing commercial activities and student services including the Cal Student Store and Lower Sproul Plaza in partnership with the ASUC Student Union, the ASUC advocates for students on a University, local, state, and national level and represents the student body on administrative campus committees.


Student Union Program, Entertainment, and Recreation Board (SUPERB) is our campus’ programming board, dedicated to providing on campus entertainment for the campus and community through the work of their 10 departments: General Management, Concerts, Games, Films, Sneak Previews, Comedy, Marketing, Photography, Web, and Art & Design.

Innovative Design

Innovative Design, or InnoD,  in a group of graphic designers and photographers dedicated to providing high quality design work to members of the campus community, ASUC-sponsored student organizations, and the ASUC.

Open Computing Facility (OCF)

Open Computing Facility (OCF) provides computing opportunities for all Berkeley students, registered student organizations, faculty, and staff.  They offer free web hosting, file storage, email, Unix shell accounts, and printing by allowing their volunteer staff the opportunity to provide practical computing services.

Democratic Education at Cal (DeCal Board)

The DeCal Board is the group of students who are responsible for managing the DeCal program, a the student-run democratic education program where students create and facilitate their own classes on a variety of subjects. Each semester they support over 150 accredited, pass/no pass courses for students, by students.


CalTV is UC Berkeley’s online TV station and the campus’ premiere source for news, entertainment, sports, and comedy. CalTV produces original content from start to finish and offers UC Berkeley students various opportunities to develop skills in the many different areas of TV production.

Publications and Media Board

The P&M Board provides a community forum for student publications and media organizations on the UC Berkeley campus, manages ASUC resources dedicated to this community (including funds and space), and acts as a formal adviser to the Publications and Media Center (PMC).


Helios carries out the directives of the Solar Energy Reinvestment Referendum (2015 Proposition 5) by researching the financial, environmental, and social feasibility of solar array installations.  Helios serves as a communicative liaison between the solar provider and off campus housing to chose an optimal solar system, and offer a subsidy to lessen the initial cost of the system installation.