No in-person gatherings, meetings, or events this semester

Student organizations are prohibited from holding any in-person gatherings, meetings, and events, regardless of the location.  A gathering, meeting, or event is an in-person assembly (not held remotely through an electronic medium) of two or more people, who do not reside in the same household. The use of social distancing and/or face coverings during a gathering, meeting, or event or holding the gathering, meeting, or event in an outdoor location does not make the gathering, meeting, or event permissible.

Student organizations includes registered student organizations, fraternities and sororities, any student group that has a formal affiliation with a campus department, or any student group that is formally recognized by the campus.

To report an incident involving a student organization (any of the groups listed above), please fill out the incident report form on the Center for Student Conduct website.

Reports of student organizations who allegedly violate this campus provision, even when on private property, can be made to the Center for Student Conduct for investigation and if the student organization is found responsible, the student organization can face consequences including, but not limited to, losing privileges and/or losing University recognition. For more information, please review the Temporary Provision on Misconduct Related to COVID-19 available on the Center for Student Conduct website.

Keep in mind, the city can impose fines and even cite people for failing to comply with public health orders for off campus conduct.