Important Transition Information

Transitioning is an important part of every student organization’s leadership and provides student leaders an extraordinary opportunity to invest in the future of the organization. A transition has the opportunity to make or break and organization, and we want to make sure you are effectively equipped to transition your organization. Below are some best practices for transitioning:

  1. Identify most important historical documents
    • Have current officers put together a document of relevant information and resources
    • Restrict/enable access to important folders and files during the transition period – make sure new officers know how to access these
  2. Keep the Constitution a Foundation of Transition
    • Clearly define: what it means to be a general member, officer position responsibilities, election/selection plans, methods to manage conflict and crisis, decision making processes
  3. Make Communication a Priority Throughout the Year
    • Choose the correct medium
    • Respond or inform as soon as possible
    • Even if it’s your friend, understand when communication should be professional
    • CC your peers on messages
    • Use listservs for notifications or announcements, not for chains
  4. Develop Members to be Successful Leaders
    • Clearly define leadership opportunities and how to prepare for them to members
    • Establish your short and long term transition timeline
  5. Incorporate Transition Into Annual Programming
    • Develop timelines that have a transferrable structure
    • Incorporate into each big program’s timeline an opportunity for debrief and pre-planning for next year
  6. Election/Selection Process
    • Clearly communicate what potential officers should expect
      • Develop Criteria
      • Establish exit interview format and use the data to inform your selection process
    • Provide inclusive support for potential candidates
      • Have current officers open themselves up to conversation or office hours
      • Hold info sessions for potential candidates
    • Maintain professional and welcoming environment
  7. Retreat Gracefully