25Live Best Practices

Classroom Reservation Advice from The Office of the Registrar

Reserving classrooms is an important process for student organizations to be privy to. Through a system called 25Live, managed by the Office of the Registrar, certified signatories of registered student organizations (RSOs) are able to reserve classrooms at Berkeley. Below are a few reminders from the Office of the Registrar regarding classroom reservations.

Response Time

  • The Office of the Registrar is open from 8 AM – 5 PM, Monday – Friday with the exception of weekends 
  • Emails: Their team responds within 48-60 hours with the exception of weekends 
  • Processing Requests: typically 3-5 days of receiving the request
    • May take up to 5 days during the start of the semester because they have 400+ requests to process

Best way to Contact

  • RSO/Student requests:
  • Large/Special Weekend Reservations:
    • These are any weekend requests asking for 1+ room and/or 4+ hours per weekend date (Sat/Sun)
  • Communicating through e-mail is the best way to coordinate with their team. It will provide timestamps of your communication and a written record.
  • If a signatory has concerns regarding response times, please connect with the Office of the Registrar and include your Lead Center Advisor who can help provide guidance

Best Practices

  • Connect with your RSO or RSO Executive Board 9-10 week prior to the start of each semester to collect dates and times that you’d like to host your meetings and events
    • The Office of the Registrar starts collecting requests 8 weeks prior to the start of instruction.
    • Example: Instruction for Fall 2019 begins on Wed., 8/28. They will allow students to submit requests on Wed., 7/3
  • When submitting requests, include as much information as possible so their team has options when looking up room availability
  • Large/Special Weekend reservation requests can be submit up to a year in advance.
  • If 25Live shows your event is confirmed, please check your inbox and spam folders for confirmation emails (search using your reference #s)
    • the confirmation e-mail has an attached PDF showing which room has been assigned to your event
    • they process by preference first, and if not available, they assign the next available rooms that fit the criteria
    • if you’d like to change your location or time, please submit a new request and once processed, cancel the old one
  • Their system needs a minimum 3 days notice when cancelling or requesting an event
  • Do NOT advertise your room location until your reservation is confirmed.


All information, including FAQs, processing timelines, and policies, can be found on the Office of the Registrar website.