Manage Your Money

RSOs who do not receive funding or sponsorship from student government are allowed to have outside bank accounts. Please contact your LEAD Center Advisor to learn about the available option for an off-campus bank account through Bank of the West as they can provide registered student organizations financial services and account management options including a bank account.

If your RSO is sponsored by/receives funding from student government, then CalLink, the online organizational management system, is also your group’s banking system. ASUC sponsored and GA funded student organizations are prohibited from having outside bank accounts. Only trained ASUC and GA agents have access to an organization’s finance section. Check out this Finance Guide for an overview of CalLink and Purchase Request logistics.

Finance Processes

Can I submit Purchase Requests during Shelter in Place?

Yes, purchase requests can still be submitted, along with required documentation completely online through CalLink. Please see these instructions.

Can my RSO still deposit checks?

Yes, RSOs can still have checks sent to the Student Union Business and Finance Office to then be deposited into that RSO’s account. Please mail checks using this address in this format:

Student Union Finance/My Group’s Name
2465 Bancroft Way MC4500
Berkeley, CA 94720-4500

ASUC Sponsorship FAQs

What is ASUC Sponsorship?

How-To Series: What is ASUC Sponsorship? from LEAD Center on Vimeo.

Once registered with the university, RSOs have the ability to apply for an additional level of recognition: ASUC Sponsorship. This opportunity is available to both undergraduate and graduate student organizations. Benefits include:

  • Eligibility to apply for ASUC Funding
  • Eligibility to apply for special funds and grants (e.g. space reservation funds and AAVP grants)
  • Eligibility to apply for office and storage space
  • An on-campus mailing address

To apply for ASUC Sponsorship and/or funding, please fill out the form on the ASUC Senate’s CalLink page. Please note this form is only available during the fall and spring semesters when the Senate is in session.

How do I become an agent for my organization?Organizations who receive sponsorship and/or funding from the ASUC and the GA must have at least one certified agent on their roster (preferably two). This person has the ability to approve purchase requests, apply for office space, and access other ASUC/GA Resources. To become an agent, members should complete the online Agent Certification Quiz. This quiz only needs to be completed once during a person’s time at UC Berkeley.  Review this online presentation for an in-depth review of student organization finances.

General FAQs

Is there an overview about student organization finances?

Yes, access this online presentation for an in-depth review of student organization finances.

What is a purchase request?

Purchase requests are financial request transactions that allow you to access money from your org’s CalLink accounts by making a purchase, paying an invoice, generating a purchase order, or being reimbursed for a purchase for your org. Please note that each CalLink account has different restrictions on what the funds from that account can be used towards so be sure to verify that the CalLink account can be used for that before submitting the purchase request.
The Business and Finance Office manages financial transactions, including purchase requests, and is located in the LEAD Center at 432 Eshleman Hall. The office is opened Monday – Friday from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm, and you can contact them at 510 – 664 – 7786.

How do we fill out a purchase request?

Money in CalLink accounts is accessed by completing a purchase request.

  1. Complete a Purchase Request form on your organization’s CalLink Finance Section. Note: multiple receipts for the same payee can be included on a single request.
  2. Have an ASUC or GA Agent in your organization login to CalLink and review the request/correct any errors. They approve the request by changing it to stage 2.
  3. Print the purchase request as a cover sheet and staple appropriate backing (see Types of Purchase Requests for more information) to it. Bring these paper copies to the LEAD Center.
  4. The LEAD Center staff reviews your request.
  5. In the case of Purchase Orders, PSAs, and Stipends, the request will be forwarded to your advisor for review.
  6. All Purchase Requests are sent to the ASUC Student Union finance office. If no issues are found, they change the status in CalLink to Approved.
  7. Check or petty cash are available for pickup at the LEAD Center front desk for pickup by the payee, or mailed, depending on which expenditure action was selected on the CalLink purchase request.

If there are no issues, typical turnaround time for a payment is 10-14 business days.

What does it mean that my request is in Stage X?

Stages are used in CalLink to track the progress of a purchase request.
Stage 1: A purchase request has been created by the payee or an Agent/member of an organization.
Stage 2: The purchase request has been reviewed and approved by an Agent in the organization. (Remember after a request has been put in stage 2 a paper copy must be turned in to the LEAD Center front desk with appropriate backing.)
Stage 3: The paper purchase request has been received and reviewed by ASUC Business Development & Finance (BD&F) staff at the LEAD Center, and it has been determined that there are problems with the request that need to be addressed before it can be approved. (If your request is in Stage 3 and you’re not sure why, please email
Stage 4: The paper purchase request has been received and reviewed by the ASUC BD&F staff. If additional approval is needed, the request has been passed along to a LEAD Center Advisor. Otherwise, the purchase request has been approved and will follow the expenditure action chosen on the purchase request.
Stage 5: Purchase request has been reviewed and approved by the LEAD Center advisor and will follow the expenditure action chosen on the purchase request.

What are the different CalLink accounts for?You may have two or more accounts in your CalLink finance tab.

Programs Funds are monies allocated to your organization by the ASUC, either through the spring budgeting process, the contingency funding request, or grants. These funds are allocated on an annual basis (July 1 – June 30; money that isn’t spent during this time frame will be reappropriated by the ASUC) and are intended to help an organization meet its stated mission. These funds come with certain restrictions.

Miscellaneous Funds are those raised by the group. They are not subject to spending timelines or restrictions (except in that they must be spent towards purchases reasonably within the organization’s scope, and they may not fund illegal activities or substances).

Trustee Accounts are similar to miscellaneous accounts in that they contain funds raised by the group. At the end of each fiscal year, any funds remaining in a miscellaneous account will be transferred to the trustee account.

GMER, Publication, and Grants Accounts are monies allocated to your organization by the GA. These funds are allocated each semester and money that isn’t spent before the indicated deadline will be re-appropriated by the GA (Round 1 in fall, Round 2 in spring). These funds are allocated according to the budget supplied in the funding application, and should only be spent on the line items approved in the Funding Allocation Report for that semester (plus or minus $10 per line item). If you need to make a change to your approved budget, you should contact the GA Funding Chair before proceeding.

Summary Accounts are not accounts with a balance, but rather a tally of your other accounts’ total balances. Please do not create purchase requests from summary accounts.

A few groups have additional accounts. If you do and you don’t know what they’re for, connect with your advisor.

What can I spend ASUC Funds on?Please read and review the ASUC Spending Restrictions.

What is a waiver and how do I apply for one?

The ASUC Senate Finance Committee (FiComm) has the authority to grant a waiver allowing ASUC Program funds to be used for most normally restricted items, such as food. FiComm may take into account how the request fits into the group’s mission, how well students are being served, and whether the group has sought alternative sources of funding.

During the regular academic year, you can apply for a waiver on the ASUC Senate’s CalLink page.

A note on food waivers: ASUC by-laws limit the percentage of a group’s ASUC funds that can be waived:

  • No more than 30% of current ASUC funding shall be waived to purchase food and beverages for any ASUC sponsored organization.”

What can I spend GA Allocated Funds On?General GA Funds Restrictions:

  1. All projects, events, and meetings should be held on campus or within a 2-mile radius of campus when possible. If a project, meeting or event must take place outside of this area, the applicant must justify the need for an off-campus location.
  2. Advertising and Accessibility: If awarded GA funding, you are required to submit your event to the Student Events Calendar and print a copy of the posting in order to receive reimbursement.
  3. All advertising materials for a GA funded event must indicate that the event is sponsored by the UCB Graduate Assembly.
  4. Any GA funded event must be open to all UCB graduate students and should free of a mandatory charge.  If an entrance or participation fee must be charged, you must justify this fee in the funding application
  5. The following text should be included on advertising material: Event is ADA accessible. For disability accommodation requests and information, please contact Disability Access Services by phone at 510.643.6456 (voice) or 510.642.6376 (TTY) or by email at
  6. Honoraria payments are limited to $250 per person, per event
  7. Food/beverages spending amounts are limited to $8/grad student and $1/other attendee; no bottled water is ever covered
  8. Equipment may only be purchased if it’s not available for checkout somewhere on campus, and is limited to a $250 limit

How do I submit a deposit?Steps to submit a deposit:

  1. Fill out and print a Deposit Receipt form. You will need your organization’s account number, which is available on CalLink.
  2. Endorse checks by writing your group’s account number on the back.
  3. Take all money and the completed deposit receipt to the front desk of the LEAD Center.

Checks should be made out to “ASUC/ Your Student Organization’s name.” Deposits take approximately two weeks to post to your account. If you need to spend the deposited money before this time, make note of the deposit date and amount on your CalLink purchase request.

How do I handle my cash?

All cash collected should be deposited into your CalLink account within 24 business hours. Cash boxes can be checked out from the Cub-E Tabling Program through Event Services. If you anticipate collecting more than $250 in cash in a day, please contact your advisor if you cannot make regular LEAD Center office hours to deposit it. If you anticipate raising more than $500 in cash in a day, you must contact Event Services as this needs to be registered with UCPD. View the Cash Handling Guidelines for more information.

How do I sign a contract for goods or services?

RSOs may not enter into or sign contracts without coordinating with their advisor. This is because contracts may include language that RSOs cannot comply with, and whoever signs the contract may be held liable for compliance. An advisor can help you negotiate appropriate terms. If your organization is ASUC sponsored, the ASUC will sign the contract on your behalf once it has been reviewed.

What is a Tax ID and how do I apply for one?

A Tax ID, also known as a Federal Tax Identification number, or sometimes as an Employer Identification number (EIN), is essentially a business entity’s Social Security Number. When someone asks for a Tax ID, they are asking for the purposes of compliance in reporting their payment of funds to the IRS. The ASUC is recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 Non-Profit organization and RSO’s sponsored by the ASUC may be eligible to receive donations that may be considered charitable for IRS reporting purposes.

If your organization is in the early stages of seeking donations, you can provide the following statement to potential donors:

“MY GROUP is a sponsored student group of the Associated Students of the University of California, a non-profit unincorporated association, IRS Code 501c3. Your donation to the ASUC on behalf of ASUC/MY GROUP may be claimed as charitable. Checks should be made payable to the ASUC/MY GROUP and mailed to:

ASUC/My Group’s Name
c/o LEAD Center
432 Eshleman Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-4500

Documentation of the ASUC’s Tax Identification or a tax-deductible receipt is available upon request.”

When a donation has been received and the donor has requested a tax ID number, please fill out the Nonprofit Tax ID Request Form/Invoice Request Form.