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Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC)

For questions regarding the ASUC, contact Megan Fox.

Executive Offices


Questions about what each Exec member does?

Check out their pages here which include their contacts!


The ASUC has five Executive Officers who are elected each Spring and serve until the following Spring. The positions are:

    • President
    • Executive Vice President (EVP)
    • Academic Affairs Vice President (AAVP)
    • External Affairs Vice President (EAVP)
    • Student Advocate

Chief Appointed Officers


The ASUC has five Chief Appointed Officers they are:

    • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
    • Chief Legal Officer (CLO)
    • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
    • Chief Communications Officer (CCO)
    • Chief Personnel Officer (CPO)


Senate meetings are every Wednesday evening during the Academic Year (times TBD).


The 20-member ASUC Senate is the legislative branch of the student government.

    • represent the voice of UC Berkeley students
    • control the ASUC’s $12 million budget
    • work on a wide variety of issues such as campus safety, healthcare, affordability of education, and improving academic services


Questions? Contact the ASUC Elections Council Chair @


Each year the ASUC holds a regular election to choose its five Executive Officers and twenty-one members of the Senate. 

    • All undergraduate and graduate students at UC Berkeley can vote in these elections.
    • Regular elections are held the second week following the Spring Break in early April.

ASUC Commissions


The ASUC has 8 Commissions and many committees who work on advocacy, resources and programming for students. They focus on Mental Health, Wellness, Financial Wellness, Sustainability, Policy Oversight and much much!  

Employment with the ASUC Admin Office

If you are curious about opportunities contact the ASUC Admin Office manager at and check out the ASUC Open Positions page 


The ASUC Admin Office employs student staff to work to support the administrative functions of the ASUC.

Want to join an ASUC Office and get involved? 

Graduate Assembly (GA)

For questions regarding participation in the Graduate Assembly (GA), please reach out to Dylan Howser or Megan Fox.

GA Executive Officers

A list of current Exec Board members and contact information can be found here.

Previous Meetings and Minutes can be found here


The Executive Board is a coordinating body that ensures that all aspects of the Graduate Assembly are informed of ongoing matters and that the members of the Graduate Assembly support one another in their individual or joint efforts.

The Executive Board is comprised of the following:

  • President
  • Internal Vice President
  • Campus Affairs Vice President
  • Vice President of Equity and Inclusion
  • External Affairs Vice President
  • Vice President of Finance.

GA Delegate Meetings

Due to Covid-19, Delegate Assembly Meetings are now online through Zoom. Please check here for more information: Delegates.

  • If you are interested in becoming a Delegate, see here for more information.
  • View the updated Delegate Directory to see how many Delegates your academic unit can have.


According to the GA Charter, every academic unit (department, group, or program) is allowed one Delegate per every hundred graduate students or fraction thereof in the academic unit.

Delegate Assembly meetings are the first Thursday of every month, with the exception of September. Meetings begin at 5:30pm.

GA Project Directors


The Graduate Assembly’s Project Directors are initiatives created to address specific equity and inclusion issues relevant to graduate students. Project directors focus on advocating for their specific topics and helping build community for various graduate student identities.

Graduate Assembly Related Committees

For information on GA committees, contact the Internal Vice President.


The Graduate Assembly’s internal committees are established in its by-laws. These committees address issues relevant to the internal and external workings of the Graduate Assembly as well as the internal and external workings of UC Berkeley.

The Graduate Assembly also appoints graduate students to administrative and Academic Senate committees.  We have graduate student seats on over 70 committees across campus that focus on a range of issues such as mental health and wellness, student fees, classroom policies, work-family, sustainability, diversity, and ethics.

All graduate students are eligible and invited to serve on committees.  GA Delegates are required to serve on at least one committee (internal or campus).  Most committee appointments happen in early September; however, several positions open up throughout the year.

Employment with the Graduate Assembly Business Office

Contact Dylan Howser, GA Coordinator.


The Graduate Assembly employs student staff who support the administrative functions of the GA.