Blueprint Leaders for Social Justice

About Blueprint

Blueprint Leaders for Social Justice develop their unique leadership styles with the goal of learning to make social change. This spring new student-leaders will have the opportunity to participate in this prestigious leadership program.

Blueprinters participate in interactive and experiential workshops weekly (Wednesdays 5:30pm-7:30pm) for 2 academic units. Blueprint starts the semester with relationship and community building so that we have a strong base to explore our identities, backgrounds, values, and leadership styles. Towards the middle of the semester, cohorts are divided into teams of 3-4 to develop their own leadership workshops. Through these team projects, students learn about how they are perceived in groups and tips for effective team functioning. We end the semester with a panel of current student leaders at Cal discussing continuing leadership opportunities.

The Blueprint Leaders for Social Justice Program provides a unique opportunity for Cal students to develop friendships with students from a diverse range of backgrounds. Blueprint aims to build a community in which students feel safe to ask questions, challenge assumptions, and work together for positive social change.

Blueprint Graduates are eligible to apply to be mentors in our highly selective Cal Leadership Institute.

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